Кодекс этики

The Center TI-R's ability to improve the ethical standards and norms of activities of Russian civil servants and businessmen may be seriously reduced in case of violation of ethical principles by TI-R employees themselves. It is extremely important that all persons involved in the work of the TI-R are fully aware of the  responsibility for maintaining a high level of ethical standards for TI-R and sought to exclude the possibility of a conflict of interest with TI-R activities.

Management Principles

Potential conflicts of interest should be identified and resolved as early as possible. If the problem is identified before any commitments have been made or any agreements have been entered into, the situation can be resolved without prejudice to the fundamental values of TI-R.

Consideration of conflict situations should be carried out by disinterested persons. The conflict may be settled or recognized as insignificant, however such decision should be accepted by the disinterested persons.

Conflict of interests

Most of the work for TI-R is carried out by persons outside the TI-R staff. Among others, these are members of the Board and the Expert-Board of Trustees. These persons participate in the work of TI-R on a voluntary basis. Organizations and institutions in which these individuals work on an ongoing basis should not be excluded from working together with TI-R or from  participating in targeted TI-R projects and programs. Nevertheless, such organizations and institutions should not be granted a most-favored-nation treatment in working with TI-R. Situations related to the involvement of these organizations and institutions in the work with TI-R should be resolved in each individual case, taking into account all factors, and above all the fundamental values of TI-R. Neither the founders nor the members of the Management Board have the right to perform works or provide services related to the development of funds received by TI-R in the targeted management.

All persons associated with TI-R are required to report an existing or potential  conflict of interest immediately upon receipt by such person of information related to a given situation. Such cases shall  be immediately notified by the Director of TI-R, the Chairman of the Management Board and / or the members of the Management Board.


Persons related to TI-R's activities are not allowed to accept gifts in any form,  including recreation and entertainment, loans and loans at any size, from any organizations, institutions or individuals, if their acceptance can lead to the provision of influence on the activity of TI-R in any form.

Ethics Committee

The TI-R Board establishes an Ethics Commission to provide assistance and  decision-making in situations involving ethical issues at the request of the Chairman of the Board, members of the Management Board and / or the  Director of TI-R.

Regulations on сonflict of Interest

Сonflict of interest notification