Mission statement

The mission of Transparency International - Russia is to counteract corruption and uphold the principles of transparency, accountability, decency and honesty. Our goal is a world in which the state, politics, business, civil society and everyday life of people are free from corruption.

We proceed from the assumption that power is subject to the control of society and this control is the main requirement of transparency, accountability, honesty and integrity of state bodies.

We are open to cooperation with all individuals, commercial and non-profit organizations, governments and international structures that share our values.

We strive to be open and honest with everyone we work with.

We are a democratic organization, not committed to any political ideology. We are not struggling for power.

We will denounce corruption everywhere we see it, regardless of the individual.

We strive to ensure that all our statements are based on a thorough, objective and professional analysis of information.

We do not undertake obligations that may limit our impartiality.

We regularly report on our activities to our donors and to authorized state authorities. We publish detailed reports every year.

We respect and support fundamental human rights and freedoms.

We are in solidarity with all participants in the international movement of Transparency International and we undertake not to take measures that could adversely affect other members and the movement as a whole.

We are guided by the principles of transparency in our own activities. These principles mean the competitiveness of programs and projects; broad public access to information about our activities, financial history and personnel policy of our organization, as well as strict adherence to the Code of Ethics.