TIR and Declarator partner up to study the business dealings of Russian Duma deputies

«Декларатор» стал партнером исследования о российских депутатах-бизнесменах

Transparency International Russia (TIR) has signed a partnership agreement with David Szakonyi, assistant professor of George Washington University (America) and research fellow of the HSE International Center for the Study of Institutions and Development. David studies the interplay of business and the state in Russia, focusing on the political careers of businesspeople: why do they seek election to the Duma when this entails serious restrictions on their business affairs?

Declarator will serve as one of the main data sources for David's research. We are collaborating on the development of instruments for the automatic transfer of the anti-corruption declarations of Russian officials into Declarator's database. If the project is successful, we plan to import more than 20 thousand declarations.

Declarator is an expansive database of information on the income and assets of Russian office holders It stores data on more than 57 thousand public officials required to submit anti-corruption declarations annually. In April 2018, Declarator opened its API. Access to this information is of the utmost importance for scientific research like David Szakonyi's, investigative reporting, and public oversight of state officials.