Employees of the state enterprise have corrected anti-corruption declarations retrospectively

Сотрудники госпредприятия исправили антикоррупционные декларации задним числом

The Transparency International Russia Center found that FSUE Russian Network for Broadcasting and Alerting (RCCS, under the jurisdiction of Rossvyaz)  retrospectively updated information on the incomes and property of its managers for 2016. Edits are included in the anti-corruption declaration of the former head of the company Igor Zorin. This situation has signs of forgery.

In the summer of  2017, "TI-R" discovered Zorin's undeclared foreign real estate and shares in commercial enterprises in the United States. In September 2017, Zorin was fired on the proposal of the prosecutor's office in connection with a loss of confidence.

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Former head of “Russian Alert and Broadcast Networks” has international property in his income declaration for 2016 year

The original version of Zorin's declaration was published in May 2017. There was no real estate in the US on it

However, in the declaration of incomes and property of the leaders of RCCS for 2016,  which is now posted on the FSUE website, Zorin's foreign property is reflected: a house, two apartments and a non-residential building in the US. The metadata of the file posted on the website of the RCCS states that it was created on February 6, 2018 - a year after the declaration was filed.

Judging by the metadata of the declaration file for 2016, which is now posted on the FSUE website, on February 6, 2018, Pavel Lyashenko, the leading specialist of the RCCS's economic security department, updated it

In 2017, when the declaration was filed and published, there was no information about the Miami real estate of Zorin. Simply put, information about Zorin's foreign property was added to the declaration retrospectively. And this was done, obviously, not on his own initiative: For more than four months, at the time the new file was created, the RCCS acting General Director  was Andrei Valeryevich Beschastnov.

The declaration in the xls format on June 29, 2017 was updated by Anna Sushkina, a leading expert in the education department of the Administrative Support and Property Relations Department of Rossvyaz

In addition, data on income and property management FSUE was updated and on the site  Rossvyaz, and only one week after our investigation.

Legal qualification

The Law on Counteracting Corruption does not provide for the possibility of correcting anti-corruption declarations after they are published  (Article 8 of the Law). Order of Rossvyaz dated July 5, 2013 No. 183, which prescribes the procedure for submitting declarations, provides that the declarant can correct mistakes only within a month after it was filed, that is, before May 30 of the year of filing the declaration (paragraph 4 of the Procedure for Submission of Information on Incomes Approved by the Order). However, in this case, this order was most likely violated.

Our actions

  • We sent an appeal to the head of Rossvyaz Oleg Gennadievich Dukhovnitsky to initiate an internal investigation and identify signs of alleged fraud.
  • We will also appeal to the General Prosecutor's Office of Russia with a request to verify the facts contained in this material and, in case of confirmation of the facts, send materials for the institution of a criminal case  under article "Office fraud" (Article 292 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

We have long been following the declaration of incomes of public officials and we are carrying out the project of the "Declator" project, where we collect  declarations together and translate them into a machine-readable format. "Transparency International - Russia" insists that the system of anti-corruption  declarations of Russian officials, heads of state enterprises and deputies needs technical improvement: information should be loaded into a single database of declarations (following the  example of the Ukrainian experience), for which one authority should be  responsible. This will further avoid such fraud.

Igor Zorin. Photo from the FSUE RCCS website.