Russia is not punished for bribing foreign officials

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В России не наказывают за подкуп иностранных чиновников

The provisions of the Russian Criminal Code on liability for bribery of foreign officials do not actually work. They appeared in the Criminal Code in 2011 as amendments to articles 290 and 291, and in 2012, Russia formally joined the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Officials. However, there is still no information about bringing anyone to justice for these crimes.

In February  2018, the Transparency International - Russia Center requested  information on prosecutorial and judicial practice in these articles for  the years 2015-2017 in the General Prosecutor's Office and the Judicial  Department of the Supreme Court. Both agencies replied that they did not have such information. In open sources, there are no such cases.

The international movement Transparency International has complied the Bribe Payers Index since 1999. It is based on polls of businessmen about the accepted practices of doing business abroad. The high score received by the country means that its businessmen have a high  reputation and, in the opinion of colleagues, do not give bribes. In the latest Index, released in 2011, Russia received the lowest score among 28 countries, i.e. the reputation of Russian business was very low.

As early as 2015, the US Department of Justice accused the daughter of former Uzbek President Gulnar Karimov of taking bribes in the hundreds of millions of  dollars from MTS and Vimpelcom in exchange for assisting in granting frequencies and entering the Uzbek market.  According to the American investigators, mobile operators gave bribes to Uzbek officials in 2006-2012.

In 2013 the OECD Working Group drew attention to fact that in Russia they do not want to initiate criminal cases on bribery of  foreigners.