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Russia in the Corruption Perceptions Index 2022: score of 28 and 137th place

The international anti-corruption movement Transparency International has published the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2022. This time, Russia scored 28 out of 100, ranking 137th out of 180 countries and territories. Mali, which also shared 136th place with Russia in CPI2021, and Paraguay, which lost two points in 2022, scored the same.

The Corruption Perceptions Index is a composite index measuring perceptions of corruption in the public sector in various countries. It has been published annually since 1995 and has remained the most widely used measure of corruption in the public sector for more than two decades.

An index value of 28 indicates a very high level of perception of corruption. Russia again scored one point lower than in the previous year. The year-on-year comparison of countries’ results in the CPI is valid from 2012 onwards. Russia’s score has fluctuated little over the years, reflecting a lack of systemic change for the better in the area of anti-corruption. 

While the government adopts its National Anti-Corruption Plans, opportunities for the participation of civil society in combat against corruption consistently get closed. Among the current steps in this direction is the refusal to publish the declarations of income and property submitted by specific groups of public officials and elected representatives of different levels. Non-competitive state procurements can be carried out more easily since March 2022, and since November 2022 the documents on such procurement are not publicized in the state information system. The basis for such measures is the risks of sanctions, and under the same pretext commercial entities are allowed not to publish their reports and statements. The international commitments which helped reform national legislation are getting dropped, since in 2022 Russia initiated its withdrawal from the Criminal Law Convention on Corruption.

The trend towards secrecy, coupled with constant pressure on any non-governmental initiatives, leads to a drop in accountability of the government. Non-transparent political decision-making leads to decrease in trust and breed apathy in the society. This vicious cycle can only be broken if the government’s approach to civil activity in the sphere changes.

No effort can bare fruit without the support of engaged citizens who share the values of anti-corruption and are oriented towards positive changes. Transparency International Russia consistently works to educate the Russian people on anti-corruption and engage them in anti-corruption activities. Hundreds of Russian citizens obtain new knowledge and skills at our events, and their efforts in civilian oversight and uncovering of corruption deserve recognition and support.

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31.01.2023 08:01

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