The Rogozins and an apartment worth half a billion rubles

An investigation by Transparency International Russia

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We follow the news, so the appointment of Alexei Rogozin, son of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, as deputy director of the Department of Property at the Ministry of Defense was not going to escape our attention.

Career and declarations of Dmitry Rogozin

In 1999, Dmitry Rogozin was elected deputy to the State Duma for the Anninsky constituency in Voronezh Region. According to the pre-election income and asset declaration filed by Dmitry Olegovich, his aggregate annual income amounted to 122,734 rubles, while he owned an apartment of 133 sq. m. and an automobile: a Nissan Patras (spelt this way in the customs return statement, which most likely was a misspelling of Nissan Patrol).

The deputy prime minister to be was not recorded as involved in major business projects that could have brought him any considerable income. Between 2002 and 2004, Rogozin was the president’s special envoy on the Kaliningrad region, dealing with the expansion of the European Union. Between 2008 and 2011, he was the president’s special envoy on interaction with NATO in the field of anti-missile defense. When Rogozin filed his income and asset declaration as deputy chairman of the Russian Government in 2011, he declared an annual income of 4,320,079 rubles. Dmitry Olegovich held a government apartment of 225 sq. m. without having to pay rent (judging by media reports, it was in a well-known house on Tishinka Street), while due to the income of his spouse Tatiana whose income had considerably increased by that time, the family’s annual income had risen to 6,695,087 rubles.

Дмитрий Рогозин

Dmitry and Alexei Rogozin (photo from

Asset declaration of Dmitry Rogozin submitted in 1999 (screenshot from Integrum database)

(photo from V Kontakte group dedicated to Rogozin)

«I promise to work in a tough and unbending manner to rejuvenate the defense industry within the established period and eliminate any attempts at corruption with an iron fist. Our motherland has allocated considerable funds to our defense and industrial complex and I vow that each ruble will get to its intended destination, to the army and the fleet as advanced military technology and weapons, so that our armed forces will be among the best in the world»

This is where the most interesting part of the story begins. According to an income and asset declaration, since 2013 Dmitry Rogozin and his spouse have owned equal shares in a 346 sq. m. apartment. This was also disclosed in the deputy vice prime minister’s income and asset declaration for 2014, which he filed last year.

We’ll tell you later why this appartment is so special.

Дмитрий Рогозин

Data from Dmitry Rogozin’s anti-corruption income and asset declaration on Declarator. Zoom

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Career and declarations of Alexei Rogozin

Dmitry Rogozin has a son, Alexei, born in 1983. In 2005, he graduated from the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Information Technology (MESI), which was merged with the Russian Economic University named after Plehkanov in 2015. A report by describes the stages of Alexei Dmitriyevich’s career: first he was on the Board of the Rodina Party and was an entrepreneur, later he became deputy director of the Promtechnologiya Group and participated in the creation of the ORSISplant, which manufactures small arms, and between 2012 and 2016, he was CEO of the federal state-run enterprise, the «Aleksinsky Chemical Complex» — a Russian strategic enterprise, multifunctional chemical plant specializing in the manufacture of polymeric and composite materials and items for defense, civilian and dual use. However, we have not found any extraordinary business successes achieved by Alexei Rogozin. writes that it is impossible to confirm or refute the reported almost five-fold growth of the Aleksinsky Chemical Complex’s turnover during Alexei Rogozin’s management. Information about the financial status of the enterprise is missing from the open databases on legal entities.

Дмитрий Рогозин

Alexei Rogozin (photo from

In 2011, Alexei Rogozin became a United Russia deputy in the Moscow Regional Duma, and quite recently, on 21 March, was appointeddeputy director of the Property Department of the Ministry of Defense. The income and asset declaration for 2011 shows an income of 3,860,667 rubles and a 128 sq. m. apartment, which is in use. In the 2013 declaration, shared ownership in a 346 sq. m. apartment appears.

Extract from the register

Presumably, the apartments in the declarations are in fact the same one with three generations of the Rogozins living there. Hence, according to the income and asset declaration, Dmitry Rogozin and his spouse own a two-fifths share in the total floor space of a certain 346 sq. m. apartment. A similar 346 sq. m. apartment is stated in his son’s asset and income declaration. Alexei Rogozin owns the remaining three-fifths of the apartment jointly with his minor children, Fyodor and Maria.

Дмитрий Рогозин

Data from Alexei Rogozin’s anti-corruption income and asset declaration on Declarator. Zoom

According to the register of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadaster and Cartography (Rosregister), there is only one apartment in Moscow with this very floor space owned by five individuals, and it is on Starovolynsky Street.

Perhaps you remember «the notorious apartment» from the Master and Margarita, the famous novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. Strange rumors spread among the neighbors, and several years prior to the events described in the novel, five tenants and a policeman wearing white gloves mysteriously disappeared from the apartment within just one week. Many people tend to think that there are no such apartments, and people never simply disappear of their own accord. We, however, dare say that residents continue to disappear mysteriously in modern-day Moscow.

The extract from the register shows that a ten-room double-level 346 sq. m. apartment on Starovolynsky Street in Moscow is owned by five people whose names are missing.

We find ourselves in an unusual situation because extracts from the register always state the names of the real estate owners. Not this time, however. In the case of the apartment on Starovolynskaya Street, the owners have mysteriously disappeared. How else can we explain the missing information in the extract about the ten-room apartment in an elite housing complex? We suppose that somebody from Rosregister either accidentally or intentionally deleted the information about the owners.

Let us take a look at what we can find out about the apartment which is absolutely identical in its characteristics to the apartment in the asset and income declarations of the Rogozins and which, as follows from the extract above, is owned by five unidentified individuals.

фото со спутника фото со спутника

Extract from the Unified State Register of Rights to Real Estate and Transactions Therewith

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An apartment on Starovolynskaya Street worth half a billion rubles

If you find yourself on Starovolynskaya Street, you will immediately realize who must be residing there. According to Wikipedia, the street starts at Kutuzovsky Prospect, crosses a section of the Roublev Highway, passes the Stalin’s Kuntsevo Dacha, continues across the Setun Bridge and runs along the territory of Clinic No. 1 of the Russian Presidential Administration. Almost the entire street runs through forest that is part of the Setun Valley Nature Reserve.

The official website of Promindustriya AG Group, which has development projects in this area, says that, “Near Poklonnaya Gora and Kutuzovsky Prospect, a housing complex was erected named Blizhnyaya Dacha. It is not just a housing complex, but an elite, luxury club property.” The developer insists that previously there have never been housing complexes comparable to this one either in scope or in class in Russia. The complex is located at 15 Starovolynskaya Street in the Ochakovo-Matveyevskoye District of the Western Administrative District of Moscow, a fifteen-minute drive from the Kremlin and a five-minute drive from the metro station, Park Pobedy (Victory Park).

«Matveyevskoye has long been positioning itself as a prestigious area for wealthy people», according to the newspaper Vedomosti. The Blizhnyaya Dacha complex is located in an area associated in the Russian mind with the almighty Soviet officials (nomenklatura) and the Russian political elite. Indeed Stalin’s Kuntsevo Dacha is known as Blizhnyaya Dacha in Russian.

The security measures developed for the residents of this quarter are worth a special mention. The management of the quarter promises its residents and their family members a multi-level VIP-security system, the most up-to-date video-surveillance systems, video entry-phones, infrastructure, fitness facilities, a pool, mini-market, café and bar, laundry, electronic access control, a direct line to the security service and controlled access to the closed territory. The impossibility of trespassing on the territory is specially described. Purchasers of the apartments are guaranteed 100% visual surveillance covering all residents of the complex and their guests. The developer CJSC Promindustriya AG states that the location of the complex in a region that has long been home to the ruling establishment is perhaps the most important factor in the security of all residents of the complex, and that when all the factors are taken into account, there has never been a more secure residential complex in Moscow

фото со спутника

Houses on Starovolynskaya Street (Google Maps) Zoom

фото со спутника

Gates to the Blizhnyaya dacha complex (Google Maps) Zoom

Let us take a look at the apartment located in the third building of the Blizhnyaya Dacha housing complex on Starovolynskaya Street. According to the plan of the apartment on the developer’s website, there are three bedrooms and four toilets, a kitchen and a spacious living room.

Plan of the apartment possibly owned by the Rogozins. Information taken from the developer’s website.

Situational plan of Blizhnyaya Dacha

Situational plan of Blizhnyaya Dacha residential complex (taken from the developer’s website. The house is highlighted with the circle) Zoom

“Bird’s eye view. The house is highlighted with a semicircle.

“Bird’s eye view. The house is highlighted with a semicircle. Zoom

The value of the apartment

In order to work out how much the apartment in Blizhnyaya Dacha might be worth, you can simply go on or any other website relating to the lease and sale of apartments. A six-room 318 sq. m. apartment with in the fifth building of the residential complex on Starovolynskaya Street costs 315 million rubles.

A seven-room apartment of similar design and floor space (335 sq. m.) in the building next door is being sold at the price of 516 million rubles. If anyone wished to rent such an apartment, they could do so for 900 thousand rubles per month. Or you could just have a look at the interior in a short clip on the real estate agency’s YouTube channel.

We can assume that a ten-room apartment with even more floor space would cost at least 500 million rubles.

Интерьер квартиры

The interior of the apartment at 15 Starovolynskaya, building 5 (photo from Zoom

Вид из окна квартиры

The view from the Blizhnyaya Dacha complex (picture from the developer's website) Zoom

It is easy to calculate that between 2011 and 2014, the income of Dmitry Rogozin, his spouse and his son’s family amounted to 48,401,043 rubles. The apartment appeared in the income and assets declaration in 2013. Even if Dmitry Olegovich earned 10 million rubles every year, he would need no less than fifty years to save for such an apartment.*

*However, the deputy chairman of the Russian Government had just 15 years to do this, and in 1999 his annual income amounted to a little over 120 thousand rubles.

Could the Rogozin family have bought such an apartment? We consider it highly unlikely that this could have taken place legally. However, no other apartment in Moscow meets the characteristics specified in the Rogozins’ income and asset declarations.

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  • The value of the apartment described exceeds the aggregate income of the Rogozins over many years.
  • The data on the owners of this apartment in the Rosregister database have been deleted. Targeted deletion of information from the database makes it useless for public scrutiny over the property of public officials and defeats its purpose.

«When bringing the situation in this sphere into order, we should not simply catch somebody’s tail and pull them out into the open, showing their assets to the public. The main thing is to develop rules that minimize this kind of embezzlement, corruption and nepotism»

We aim to:

  • Obtain clarifications from Igor Vassiliev, Head of Rosregister, with regard to the disappearance of information from the Unified State Register of Rights to Real Estate and Transactions Therewith. How could information about the rights to real estate disappear from one of the unified registers?
  • See to it that the Prosecutor General’s Office verifies the information published in the asset and income declarations of Dmitry Olegovich Rogozin and Alexei Dmitriyevich Rogozin to provide confirmation of the purchase of the real estate with legal income.*
  • If we turn out to be correct: the Rogozin family indeed owns this very apartment and corrupt offences are proven, we shall file a civil claim with the Prosecutor General to have the property of unlawful origin confiscated by the state.
  • [*We have not taken into account the family’s movable property, specifically, automobiles and the parking places at the housing complex purchased together with the apartment.

What might happen to the Rogozins according to Russian anti-corruption legislation, if the Prosecutor General’s Office confirms that corruption offences have been committed:

  1. A civil claim may be filed by the Prosecutor’s Office under Article 17 of the Federal Law “On Monitoring the Conformity of the Expenses of Persons in Public Positions and Other Persons with the Income Thereof”. The Law was adopted in 2012 and enabled prosecutors to file motions in accordance with civil procedures to withdraw for the benefit of the state the property of public officials that was acquired with undocumented income. The requirement for public officials to file income and asset declarations appeared in 2012, and the apartment was purchased in 2013, meaning that this purchase is subject to the legislation on monitoring the expenses of public officials.
  2. Under item 3 Article 59.2 of Federal Law No. 79-FZ “On Public Civil Service in the Russian Federation”, if information indicating corruption offences is confirmed to be true, the public officials involved in such corruption offences shall be dismissed from their positions “due to loss of trust” for filing false information on their expenses.

We have prepared an official address to the supervisory bodies requesting an investigation of the information published in this document.

Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation to conduct an objective investigation of this situation that has the characteristics of a potential corruption offence.

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